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Our Challenge

It is the challenge of THIS generation to ensure we become more sustainable and mitigate the effects of climate change. Riscon is dedicated to enabling and facilitating sustainable change within industry; helping organisations achieve their net zero aspirations.

From Idea to Expectation

Businesses, organisations and individuals around the world are setting targets to radically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to become Net Zero. Stakeholders at every level, from investors through to end consumers, are now expecting your organisation to have a plan in place to move your business towards Net Zero.

Strategic Success

Whilst there is no shortage of ambitious Net Zero targets, the reality is that many Net Zero pledges are not yet backed up by a credible and realistic roadmap.

Achieving Net Zero requires coordinated and deliberate action that interrogates and touches every level of your organisation. Whilst this may seem daunting, our programme management methodology breaks down your journey into a strategic, manageable pathway for Net Zero success.

Power Through Partnership

Riscon has formed a strategic partnership with Wattcraft, bringing together years of experience in sustainable engineering and industry knowledge. The Riscon-Wattcraft partnership is your force multiplier; helping you set realistic and achievable Net Zero goals, and creating a path that people at all levels of your organisation can understand and adhere to.

The Time is Now

Achieving Net Zero is no longer just about social corporate responsibility or doing the right thing, it is about building and capitalising on better stakeholder relationships and improving your bottom line. Riscon are here to guide you on that journey.

The Pathway to Net Zero Programme

Our Flagship Offering

All our work here at Riscon is important, but we have named this offering our flagship for a reason; it is the challenge of THIS generation to ensure we become more sustainable and mitigate the effects of climate change. Riscon has partnered with Wattcraft to focus on helping industry achieve these changes.

Our Difference

Very simply, achieving net zero will require an effort from every person and organisation on the planet. But the journeys will be different. For larger organisations, and industrial manufacturers, there are many parts of the journey that will need managing and improving, and it will take some time to change. That’s why the Riscon-Wattcraft partnership focus on using a programme management methodology to help you manage all these requirements in a manageable way over time.

Net Zero Programme Management

Net Zero Planning, Implementation Guidance, and Reporting. All managed in a convenient annual structure ensuring staff maintain direction on this crucial journey.

Essential Supporting Services

Energy System Assessments

Corporate GHG Inventory and ESG Reporting – Specialise in Scope 3

Bespoke Product Lifecycle Emission Factors

Scope 2 Certification

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