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Riscon is a UK based global consulting company specialising in information and knowledge management, and Net Zero planning, implementation guidance and reporting. We are a group of engineers, IT professionals and scientists, collaborating through strategic partnerships to enact change and provide the best outcomes for our clients.

Pathway to Net Zero

It is the challenge of THIS generation to ensure we become more sustainable and mitigate the effects of climate change.

We can help you set realistic and achievable Net Zero goals, creating a path that people at all levels of your organisation can understand and adhere to.

Technical Change

Technological change is the process of invention, innovation and diffusion of technology or processes.

Through expert consultation, Riscon can ensure better project and programme success for your organisation.

Onboarding Digital Methodology

Transforming an existing organisation into one adapted for the digital age is a serious undertaking, but one that is often essential for an organisation to remain current and competitive.

Use Riscon’s 5-Step Process, our “Onboarding Digital” methodology, to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

R&D and Innovation

Smart organisations launch Research and Development projects to drive innovation into their product line and gain competitive advantage.

Benefit from a team of experts that provide interdisciplinary expertise with cost-effective results.

About Riscon Solutions

What is RISCON?

Riscon Solutions Limited is a UK global consulting company specialising in information and knowledge management.

Who we are . . .

A group of engineers, IT professionals, and scientists collaborating to produce the best solutions for our Clients.

Our Story

A founder with a mission.  After several years’ experience in the UK manufacturing sector, and 5 years working to help deliver clean water in the Pacific Islands, Roger Singleton kept coming up against the same problem; solutions can’t scale effectively without good people and well-defined systems.

Identifying that collecting effective data, presenting useful information, and training people to utilise it effectively was an integral part of this solution, Riscon was formed to fill this organisational gap.

We believe . . .

That the capacity of clients is key. Capacity building is the underlying principle in every solution we deliver.  This drives our mission and vision:

MISSION: To be a compass for clients in information and knowledge management, by developing the optimum mix of people, processes, and technology.

VISION: People using information with confidence and purpose, to achieve great results.

Some key facts:

  • A young ambitious organisation established in 2015.
  • Based in the UK but creating impact for clients in Europe, Asia and the Pacific.
  • 15 specific consulting capabilities.
  • 12 software packages used in service delivery.
  • 1 overarching vision!

How we work

We prefer clients to be partners.  If you don’t understand what we are delivering, we take that as failure.  We are clear on the services we offer, but it is only when you feel comfortable in using these that we feel our job is done.

Get in touch below if you would like to get on board.

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